New Photos Of Cris Cyborg Before She Was Famous Emerge, And She Was Pretty

UFC female featherweight champion Cris Cyborg has been on the wrong end of many jokes for years now.

Many people in the fight game, and even fight fans all point to her muscled physique and obvious power as a sign that she abuses steroids. In fact, a lot of these same people take it even further and claim she looks like a man.

MMA's top female fighter, Cris Cyborg.

Now, we aren’t here to bash the champion. As far as Cyborg is concerned, she remains one of the most classy competitors in the game today.

She’s respectful to her opponents, more than engaging with her fans. Additionally, when she’s not training her ninja arts, she’s working in the community and helping people in need.

By all accounts Cris Cyborg is a genuine person, and a good role model.

UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg isn't happy with her UFC paycheck and is demanding she get paid like former UFC star Miesha Tate.

However, she’s changed her appearance over the years, and despite a couple run ins with drug testers, she remains steadfast in her innocence of using any PEDs and insists it’s just a lifetime of hard work.

Recently, after her Holly Holm fight at UFC 219, the internet forums are abuzz with some new photos from Cyborg’s younger days. Actually, a lot of fans are even calling the UFC featherweight champion pretty, which is a big contrast to some previous comments. So we thought we’d share these new gems with you guys, that way you can get caught up on all things Cris Cyborg.

Check them out:

UFC's Cris Cyborg fighting MMA back in the day.

Cris Cyborg long before she was UFC featherweight champion.

UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg in her early MMA years.

Cris Cyborg during her Elite XC days.

UFC champion Cris Cyborg looking shredded.

Cris Cyborg having fun on the water.

Reigning UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg.

UFC champion Cris Cyborg

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