This UFC Female Just Won Best Web Breaking Video In MMA History

Women’s UFC flyweight Lauren Mueller and Combat Americas atomweight Paulina Granados have hit the internet with a video that is taking the web by storm.

Lauren Mueller has been plowing her way through her competition, as the fighter has yet to suffer a loss within the mixed martial arts world. Now 5-0, the MMA competitor most recently earned a unanimous decision victory over Shana Dobson in her big octagon debut.

Paulina Granados is now coming off of a tough unanimous decision loss to Kyra Batara, as the fighter is now 4-3 in her mixed martial arts career. Now Granadas and Mueller have decided to team up to take the internet by storm.

Within the video above, the two mixed martial artists can be seen bikini-clad for a big party. Dancing the day away, neither fighter seemed to have an issue showing off for the camera.

Check it out above.

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