New Jersey Business Owner Gets Threatened By Ali Abdelaziz, Posts Video Addressed To Frankie Edgar

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is managed by mixed martial arts notable Ali Abdelaziz. Well, it would appear that a bar owner in New Jersey has grown a heated rivalry with the manager.

Taking to Twitter, a New Jersey bar owner recently revealed a series of heated messages the man allegedly received from Ali Abdelaziz following the discovery of a signed Frankie Edgar cutout being within the bar.

The bar owner refers to Abdelaziz as a “disgrace,” before using a follow up video to reveal that the manager allegedly threatened to do him harm. In response, the bar owner revealed that he is in great standing with the local police enforcement.

Check it out below.

“After 3 years and endless likes by @FrankieEdgar this is what I get? @AlessandroGelke @MIKERUSSELLMMA @MarkCoachmark13”

“Good vs Evil @ newjerseystatepolice @LawEnforcement #threats @MIKERUSSELLMMA @AlessandroGelke @NewJerseyMMA @CSSRadio @TheMaximumPower @MiddleEasy”

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