UFC’s Desmond Green Reacts To Recent Deadly Car Crash

UFC lightweight Desmond Green was involved in a 5-car crash early Saturday morning that two passengers dead. The fighter has since been receiving negative backlash after posting a comment on social media concerning the incident.

Desmond Green lost control of his vehicle and veered towards a nearby tractor-trailer, causing a chain-reaction of accidents concerning three other vehicles. Passengers 67-year-old Emelina Morfa and 76-year-old Emma Suarez Hernandez were killed in the crash from within their Toyota Yaris.

The driver of the Yaris, 64-year-old Mily Vita-Vega, has been hospitalized after being seriously injured in the crash. Taking to Twitter, Desmond Green has since decided to offer a comment.

Green, having only received minor injuries, said “God favors me.”

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