Watch Jorge Masvidal Straight Up Smoke This Bodybuilder On Reality Show Endurance Course

UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal recently landed a spot on a reality television show titled “Exatlon Estados Unidos.” Now Masvidal has taken to social media to show off his progress on the program.

The reality show is dedicated to finding an athlete with the greatest physical and mental abilities. Contestants are each faced with gauntlets of obstacle courses and other varied tasks to test their skills.

Jorge Masvidal recently competed against a body builder in an obstacle course, in which “Gamebred” dominant his opponent. Check it out below.

“When you have @michelle_lewin cheering you on while you beat her husband @jimmy_lewin #exatloneeuu #southamerica #centralamerica #mma #fitness #ufc watch tonight 7pm on @telemundo #homewrecker”

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