Unedited Photo From Miesha Tate’s “Body Issue” Surfaces

Miesha Tate has garnered a dedicated following of fight fans throughout her storied mixed martial arts career. The fighter is a former UFC bantamweight champion, with wins over some seriously tough competitors. After suffering a two fight losing streak, Tate decided to call an end to her mixed martial arts career just last year.

Now, a new image from one of the former fighter’s moments outside the octagon has emerged.

Back in 2013, Miesha Tate followed in the footsteps of UFC superstar Ronda Rousey and landed a spot on ESPN Magazine’s famous “Body Issue” edition.

“Body Issue” is an annual feature presented by ESPN that takes a look at the athletic form. The feature includes tastefully crafted nude photos of popular professional athletes.

Now an unedited photo from Tate’s photo shoot has made its way onto the internet.