Gina Carano’s Topless Photo Shoot Is Back In The Spotlight As Behind The Scenes Video Resurfaces

Gina Carano Nude

Before Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Miesha Tate or Ronda Rousey ever posed nude for ESPN, MMA female pioneer Gina Carano broke the glass ceiling as the first. The Body Issue for ESPN pretty much had Gina Carano nude, as she was covering her breasts with her arms. Now, her images are making a lot of noise after a grainy behind the scenes video catches steam on the world wide web. (see above).

Carano nearly ended her prize fighting career with a perfect record. She was however dethroned as MMA’s top dog when she faced of with against Cris Cyborg in their Strikefoce featherweight title fight.

Their fight was such a big deal at the time, that even by today’s standards, they still hold the world record for the most watched MMA fight of all time.

Of Course, Gina retired after the loss to Cyborg, and is now enjoying a budding film career as a real-life Hollywood action star. But there was a time when Gina was a can’t miss fighting attraction, and the world loved her.

Enjoy the video above, and check out the photos from her historic shoot below.

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