MMA Fighter Gets Shot For Flirting On Instagram With Wife

Adam “The Beard” Yandiev is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. While the individual is trained and skilled at handling confrontations inside the cage. The fighter faced a tragic incident outside of the cage earlier this year.

As reported by The Moscow Times, Yandiev decided to show just how much he loves his wife,Aisha, by commenting on the woman over social media. However, in Ingushetia, the Yandievs and the Belkharoyevs local clans were reaching a boiling point in their relations. Yandiev’s public display of affection towards his own wife proved to be a cultural taboo for the clans, leading to a tragic shootout.

On May 2, Yandiev was eating a meal with his wife at a restaurant when several members of the fighter’s apposing clan appeared for a confrontation. The individuals agreed to meet at a different location. Once Yandiez appeared to the new location, the fighter was shot by men wearing masks. The fighter was later rushed to the hospital with injuries to his kidney and lower back.

While posting pleasantries on your own wife over Instagram may be a nicety for most, it lead to an unfortunate circumstance for MMA competitor Adam Yandiev.

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