Dana White’s Presidential Salary Under New UFC Ownership Revealed

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was sold to William Morris Endeavor back in 2016 for an astounding total of over $4 billion. UFC President Dana White managed to earn a tidy sum from the talent agency’s takeover. With that in mind, White still earns a rather substantial salary under the UFC banner.

White owned an estimated nine percent of the UFC when the organization was purchased in 2016, earning the UFC president an estimated $360 million from the takeover. However, White also sees a sum of the company’s profits every year.

As part of the company’s sale, Dana White struck a deal with William Morris Endeavor. With a five year contract, White cemented himself as the UFC’s president after the sale of the UFC. Beyond that, White now sees nine percent of the promotion’s profits every year.

UFC chairman Lorenzo Fertitta formerly claimed that the UFC grossed $600 million for the year of 2015. While it is a rough estimate, based on what similar business net after costs, the UFC’s bottom line likely hit around $200 million.

As a result, White’s annual income would total a staggering $18 million. Broken down, the UFC president’s monthly wage comes to a grand total of $1.5 million.

However, the UFC has somewhat suffered over the past year. 2017 saw a 55% drop in viewership for the company. The massive decline has likely led to a smaller annual profit for the company.

At any rate, Dana White is locked in for a five year contract with William Morris Endeavor as the promotion’s president. Whatever profits there are to be had, the UFC president will see nine percent.

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