Dacson Danger Cerrone Has Been Born — Congrats!

Mixed martial arts veteran Donald Cerrone was tasked with rushing home on an estimated 36 hour journey from Singapore to the United States to make it home in time to experience the birth of his first born child. Now the fighter has come forward over social media to celebrate his son’s birth.

Donald Cerrone headlined UFC Fight Night 132 on June 23 from Singapore. The fighter faced off against Leon Edwards, ultimately suffering a unanimous decision loss to the competitor.

Cerrone’s pregnant wife was due any hour on fight night and the fighter had a roughly 36 hour journey home. After making it home and being able to experience the birth of his child, Cerrone has taken to Instagram to share the experience with the world.

Check it out below:

“Happy Birthday DACson Danger Cerrone”

Happy Birthday DACson Danger Cerrone

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