“Platinum” Princess Shakes Her Money Maker, Tells Everyone To “Keep Dreaming”

Professional tennis player Danielle Nickerson has once again taken to the internet. This time around, the talented athlete has offered a short video of herself for her fans.

Nickerson first gained popularity within the mixed martial arts community for being the significant other to talented UFC knockout artist Mike Perry. The professional tennis player even adopted a version of Perry’s fighting moniker, as Nickerson often goes by “Platinum Princess.”

While Nickerson and Perry have since broken up, the tennis playing phenom still enjoys keeping her hoards of fans up to date on her latest ventures through social media. Taking to the internet this time, Nickerson offered a short clip of herself twerking.

Within the clip, the tennis player offered the caption “#dreamon.” Check it out within the video above.

Here is a bonus gallery of some of Nickerson’s popular social media messages:

F . L . Y . F I R S T L O V E Y O U R S E L F

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