Ring Girls Speak Out, Uncomfortable With MMA’s Policy To Strip At Weigh-Ins

When it comes to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, every single aspect of the presentation is important. Everything from the octagon girls, to the lighting rig, down to the commentary team are crucial aspects of casual fans taking your product seriously.

If fans were to tune into IFL’s weigh-in ceremony when this incident happened, there is a chance that casual viewers may not tune right back in. When a ring girl is uncomfortable with what is happening on stage, it’s a good rule of thumb to assume the fans are uncomfortable as well.

That’s why when these two rings girls who were heading on stage for the first time were caught off guard and were asked to hold a towel for a stripping fighter who was trying to make weight, they did the best they could. The fighter, however, thought it’d be a good idea to have an intentional wardrobe malfunction, and push the towel out of one of the ring girls’ hands, showing off his junk to the world.

It was not the best idea and he may have done it just to get ratings. It could also have been a ploy for this reality series that this clip was taken from. Regardless, the ring girl felt uncomfortable and unprofessional stunts like these could devalue the prestige and presentation of the company:

How would you have handled this situation? Check out his MMA wardrobe malfunction video footage below.

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