The Platinum Princess Is On Fire, With Latest Bikini Beach Modeling Pic

Lets be honest, the best half of the Platinum couple wasn’t UFC welterweight Mike Perry, it was his longtime girlfriend, Danielle Nickerson, also known as ‘The Platinum Princess’.

She’s a professional tennis player that fell in love with Mike Perry after she contracted him to teach her how to box at one of the UFC’s gyms in Orlando.

The couple would then go on to be seen inside the Octagon together, Princess being a staple in the corner of her knockout artist ex-boyfriend.

Sadly, the duo broke up shortly after Mike Perry’s last UFC loss, but Nickerson is still providing her legion of fight fans with internet breaking worthy photos and videos.

Here’s the latest:

She got the booty with the thighs and the shrunk waist ~Wayne ??: @definesolo

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And for good measure, here’s some more from her:

Beach Daze ??☀️?

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"Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you" Everyone is different and that is a beautiful thing. Don't ever be ashamed because you don't look like "that" girl. Don't ever be discouraged because you can't do something other people find easy. Don't let anyone tell you your laugh is awful or your voice sounds weird. If you think your jokes are funny that's all that matters! Don't feel bad for annoying people when it comes to doing something that makes you happy! Embrace your inner weirdo ?? love yourself the way you are ❤️ always try to improve and be the best version of yourself possible and anyone who stands in the way of that can gtfo ??you must learn to love yourself first, all good qualities and flaws included … before anyone else can truly love you too ? #PlatinumPrincess #motivationmonday #loveyourself

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"Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting" Patience is a very hard attribute to acquire. I know there are certain things in life that I have a lot of patience for and there are other things that I flip out about in one second. Haha no one is perfect. I am on a mission to try and acquire more patience in those areas where I am lacking. Next time you get in a situation where someone or something is really trying your patience… take a deep breathe, think before you speak, ask yourself if you are going to care about this in a month or if it will be forgotten. You'll feel very proud of yourself after ? and much more relaxed #PlatinumPrincess #platinumprincessfitness #fitgirls @definesolo

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You’re welcome!

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