Dana White Breaks His Silence On Why His Son Chose Boxing

UFC President Dana White may have never achieved the aspiration of becoming a professional boxer, but the UFC head’s son appears to be well on his way. Now White has come forward to reveal why his son chose to box in the first place.

Aidan White, son to the UFC president, made his boxing debut at a recent “St. Patrick’s Day Boxing Show” within the Junior Golden Gloves division. Competing at 130 pounds, the newly budding pugilist earned a victory over Andre LeClerc.

Speaking to Muay Thai phenom John Wayne Parr after the boxing match, Dana White revealed why his son decided to enter the boxing match in the first place. The UFC president explained that all of his sons train in various combat sports. However, it was not until football season had ended that Aidan White elected to train for a boxing match.

Check it out in the Instagram post below:

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